June 9, 2019@realDonaldTrump Watched MSNBC this morning just to see what the opposition was saying about events of the past week. Such lies, almost everything they were saying was the opposite of the truth. Fake News! No wonder their ratings, along with CNN, are WAY DOWN. The hatred Comcast has is amazing! 7:25 PM – 8 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump Just watched the Great @Rick24Barry, Basketball Hall of Famer, on the @marklevinshow @FoxNews. A wonderful interview of a very smart and interesting guy by the man, Mark Levin, who has the number one bestselling book, Unfreedom of the Press. Two Winners! 8:24 PM – 8 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump (1 of 2) Little @DonnyDeutsch, whose show, like his previous shoebiz tries, is a disaster, has been saying that I had been a friend of his. This is false. He, & separately @ErinBurnett, used to BEG me to be on episodes of the Apprentice (both were bad), but that was it. Hardly knew him,.. 11:54 PM – 8 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump (2 of 2) ….other than to know he was, and is, a total Loser. When he makes statements about me, they are made up, he knows nothing! 11:54 PM – 8 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump I know it is not at all “Presidential” to hit back at the Corrupt Media, or people who work for the Corrupt Media, when they make false statements about me or the Trump Administration. Problem is, if you don’t hit back, people believe the Fake News is true. So we’ll hit back! 12:08 AM – 9 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump (1 of 4) Another false report in the Failing @nytimes. We have been trying to get some of these Border Actions for a long time, as have other administrations, but were not able to get them, or get them in full, until our signed agreement with Mexico. Additionally, and for many years,…. 8:26 AM – 9 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump (2 of 4) …..Mexico was not being cooperative on the Border in things we had, or didn’t have, and now I have full confidence, especially after speaking to their President yesterday, that they will be very cooperative and want to get the job properly done. Importantly, some things….. 8:26 AM – 9 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump (3 of 4) …..not mentioned in yesterday press release, one in particular, were agreed upon. That will be announced at the appropriate time. There is now going to be great cooperation between Mexico & the USA, something that didn’t exist for decades. However, if for some unknown reason… 8:26 AM – 9 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump (4 of 4) …..there is not, we can always go back to our previous, very profitable, position of Tariffs – But I don’t believe that will be necessary. The Failing @nytimes, & ratings challenged @CNN, will do anything possible to see our Country fail! They are truly The Enemy of the People! 8:26 AM – 9 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump Twitter should let the banned Conservative Voices back onto their platform, without restriction. It’s called Freedom of Speech, remember. You are making a Giant Mistake! 8:45 AM – 9 Jun 2019 @realDonaldTrump If President Obama made the deals that I have made, both at the Border and for the Economy, the Corrupt Media would be hailing them as Incredible, & a National Holiday would be immediately declared. With me, despite our record setting Economy and all that I have done, no credit! 9:26 AM – 9 Jun 2019