Doug Wead, a truly great presidential historian, had a wonderful take on a very beautiful moment in history, the funeral service today of President Bush. Doug was able to brilliantly cover some very important and interesting periods of time! @LouDobbs

9:24 PM – 5 Dec 2018



Working hard, thank you!


10:32 PM – 5 Dec 2018



Without the phony Russia Witch Hunt, and with all that we have accomplished in the last almost two years (Tax & Regulation Cuts, Judge’s, Military, Vets, etc.) my approval rating would be at 75% rather than the 50% just reported by Rasmussen. It’s called Presidential Harassment!

10:17 AM – 6 Dec 2018

December 6, 2018

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  • December 6, 2018 at 2:03 PM

    If you would drain the swamp, remove the illegals and prison the criminal element that has screwed us (Americans) over for the last how many years… stop the Chemtrails here and around OUR country, only then we MAY have a chance to recover OUR GREAT COUNTRY, until then we the people suffer, please keep your word to help ALL AMERICANS even the ones in California.

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