“Jerry Nadler’s Trump Bashing Show Is A Bust.” Headline, New York Post. @foxandfriends The Greatest Witch Hunt of all time continues. All crimes were by the other side, but the Committee refuses to even take a look. Deleting 33,000 Emails is the real Obstruction – and much more!

7:25 AM – 11 Jun 2019

@realDonaldTrump  (1 of 2)

“Mueller has spoken. He found No Collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians. The bottom line is what the Democrat House is doing is trying to destroy the Trump Presidency (which has been a tremendous success), and I can assure you that we’re done with the Mueller……

7:49 AM – 11 Jun 2019

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….investigation in the Senate. They can talk to John Dean until the cows come home, we’re not doing anything in the Senate regarding the Mueller Report. We are going to harden our Infrastructure against 2020!” @LindseyGrahamSC

7:49 AM – 11 Jun 2019



7:51 AM – 11 Jun 2019


Sad when you think about it, but Mexico right now is doing more for the United States at the Border than the Democrats in Congress! @foxandfriends

7:54 AM – 11 Jun 2019


The United States has VERY LOW INFLATION, a beautiful thing!

8:10 AM – 11 Jun 2019

June 11, 2019

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